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Have you heard about the petition for Target employees who do not want to work on Thanksgiving?

It appears that their families and they want to enjoy Thanksgiving, not be interrupted. So I have a solution.

(I love when that happens!)

Free Retail Store Managers and Associates:

Let the Corporate Heads and their Staff Work Thanksgiving!

The decision makers in corporate who believe the store should operate either on Thanksgiving or before five a.m. on Black Friday should roll up their sleeves, ensured of a generous Company pay out for fresh Dominos Pizza (what a hook!) as a treat for their great effort in working sales on Thanksgiving in the store environment.

It is a win-win.

As an added incentive, there can be a "Fill the Fridge Contest" in which they may win lots of bottled water and some leftover Halloween candy, too! The team that opens their store earliest on Thanksgiving Day, and is first to ring up a single transaction totalling one-thousand dollars wins. Easy!

The managers and associates who drive Santa's sleigh the rest of the holiday will enjoy the human dignity and rejuvenation with their families that they earn and well deserve, while everybody who works the store enjoys the meal of champions: Dominos!

Yes! Everybody's happy. Woooooooo-hoooooo!

Here's the site for the petition: