Can't say enough good things about any of these websites and products: 


The journey begins best by subscribing to Flylady's emails in which you will receive to-do reminders and testimonials. Read what you like and delete the rest. Its not about perfection, just purposeful routine. "FLY",  the acronym for Finally Loving Yourself, started when Flylady's founder was recovering from depression and realized she needed to tie her shoes to her feet with shoelaces each morning to prevent herself from slipping into bed and back into hopeless depression. 

If you want to check out another system or need some encouragement, check it out. She also has a store on her website. I decided to share a few of my own products too....


Sprayway Glass Cleaner I admit, I bought this because I liked the can. (Anything to make cleaning more interesting, right?)  Shining up the windows that year, I discovered I also love the product. I love the streak-free shine and scent.

Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner: I was warned about the hellacious task of keeping stainless steel smudge-free before I bought my kitchen appliances. I didn't listen, but luckily I found the product that makes keeping the shine smudge-free painless.

The Original Bees Wax: Old World Formula Furniture Polish:  Discovered this product amid the Amish in Pennsylvania, and it made every stick of wood in my house beautiful.

Clear the Emotional Cobwebs: Sell or Get Rid of "Stuff"

Sometimes one of the biggest, darkest black holes we're stuck in is the one inside our own heads. When I worked in retail, I was locked in the past, chiefly (but not only) because I had invested a lot of money and time in a career in which I was miserable. I left my career and went into retail.

Whenever I went down my basement, I saw equipment, boxes of paper, and computer paraphernalia that included software that cost a fortune and served as a reminder that I made the wrong choice. And there were other accumulations, but I found solutions.

College books: Using online features, you can type in the ISBN # from your books and check out their value. Don't assume they're worthless. It is so much easier to do this than you think! Try it!
Misc. books: Some people only buy used books off Amazon and from used book stores. You can become a seller of used books on Amazon as well.
Instruments nobody plays: If my son ever decides to play the clarinet or I the accordion again, we will rent our instruments until we're ready for Carnegie Hall!
Collector's items no longer loved:  Collector's plates anybody? Even pocket change is better than clutter. Sell them on Ebay or donate to your favorite charity.

I sold many things on Craiglist, but there are other local publications in which a person can post want ads.

These simple choices to remove valuable clutter turbocharged positive energy and a shift in thinking. I stopped wallowing in misery and imagining my career as a failure. I learned that no experience is ever wasted. Even mistakes teach us something about ourselves and the world. And life has a chance to change starting with a small decision.


SmartyPig:  When you think SmartyPig, think goal setting for vacations, shopping, or emergency funds in an online piggy bank. When you reach your goal, you can transfer the money somewhere, including onto gift cards for stores that will give you rewards of up to 11% instant cash back.

Unlike the product sharing above, this is the only one that contains a referral link, which means for sharing it, I'll get a small stipend at no cost to you. And if you like iBotta, you can pass it on using your own referral link once you download the app.

iBotta: Start by getting free $10 for using your first rebate! This is a no-brainer. 

Get instant cash for buying stuff you already buy or wish to try, and, really... get $10 just for using it for the first time. This is an instant cash coupon app for your phone. Scan a barcode, the receipt, and click "finished".

Check out rebates being offered at your favorite stores while you're avoiding something intense on TV, like political speeches, or a knucklehead maneuver at a professional sporting event.