Cyber Confusion

Windows 8 is said to be difficult to learn, and when you're like the man who won't stop the car to ask for directions, you get around, but not without some wrong turns. Windows 8 and  I have more in common than I imagined.

The first time I saw the desktop, I was stunned by the number of icons it contained. By the time I learn what they are, it will be time for a Windows update. That's how it goes.

I "jumped" onto the computer one half hour ago to respond to an email that's been on hold. I decided first I'd delete the deluge of advertisements that distract me from the important mail, but accidentally opened one. So I decided I'd "unsubscribe," while I was at it (though I didn't recall subscribing to begin with.) For no apparent reason, the email shrunk. I pinched and fanned the touchscreen (for lack of a more technical description), but the text didn't widen. It was shrunken and floating out there in cyberspace, requiring a high powered telescope to read the text. So I took a chance and clicked - you guessed it - the wrong link, which brought me to the actual website. Great... now it appears I'm interested. May as well look at what they're selling. 


A scene from the movie "Airplane" came to mind in which an airline pilot was stopped every few feet by people trying to convert him to one thing or another.

Well, anyway, whatever I originally set out to do, I found the clip on youtube, and I've posted it for your viewing pleasure.

Now I will attempt to return to the original purpose for which I "jumped" on the computer.