Elijah's Marshmallow Roast

It began when cousins Gabby, Anthony and Matty left their home in Florida and drove north with their grandparents, Aunt Mary and Uncle Anthony to the mountains of upstate, New York. There they visited Grandpa, Aunt Catherine, Uncle Ralph, Michael, Theresa, Elijah, Jedyna and Raelyn.

The air was very warm that day.

"Would you like to go on the water slide with your cousins today?" Elijah's grandma asked.

"Yes! I'll get my bathing suit," Elijah said.

Grandma inflated a very large water slide, and, except for the adults and Roxie (the family dog,) everybody slid down, was squirted by a water gun and had lots of fun.

After they ate delicious barbequed burgers and hot dogs,  Elijah's grandma held up a giant bag.

"Who wants to roast marshmallows?"

Everybody shouted, "Me, me, me!"

"I'll drive to the store and buy some chocolate and grahams, and you can all make smores," cousin Mike said. So he drove to town and returned with chocolate bars and graham crackers.

Theresa, Jedyna, Gabby, Raelyn Anthony, Matty, Elijah and Mike were gathered around the fire pit.Artwork by Deborah Gregg of Etsy (Click painting to visit her gallery)

The small stretch of sunlight disappeared and all was dark except for the light provided by the moon and the millions of fireflies that hovered above the tall grass in the surrounding fields and twinkled like a blanket of stars.


"I've never seen fireflies before," Gabby said. And the darker it became, the more fireflies appeared.

Uncle Greg lit the fire for the marshmallow roast, and Aunt Catherine lit citronella torches to keep the bugs away. Aunt Mary made sure everybody applied some insect repellent lotion so nobody scratched all night.

Mike plucked the first marshmallow from the bag, which was the largest marshmallow anybody had ever seen.

"That's the largest marshmallow I've ever seen!" Aunt Mary said.

Aunt Catherine offered Mike a wooden skewer.

"Hmmm. I hope it's not too big for a stick." she said.

Have you ever seen an extra large marshmallow? 

Getting it on the stick was not a problem. The roasting began.

The result:

It got very quiet, everybody was eating.

It was gooey and messy and sticky, but it was the best marshallow roast ever!