Do not even ask me what happened with that blog email last night. I looked at the email it generated this morning, like a half-asleep person in Vegas who woke up and realized she is now married.


But wait, there is a reasonable explanation for everything, right? (Wrong.)

I’d thought something was strange over the last couple of months on Moonitude... entries were being picked off, like characters in The Godfather. And when I thought about it, there were about eight entries… poof, gone! I'd kept it on my radar to figure out where they'd gone (as soon as life ran a little smoother.)The Smoother Life

So last night I toyed around with the site (okay, not toyed… I watched another freaking how-to video that made my eyeballs spin.) Whatever I finagled, they all sprang back, however, they shot out like fireworks on the Fourth of July in emails to everybody on my subscribers list.

Did anybody ask for this shee-yat?

There is probably something to the adage: "Leave well enough alone." Hey, I never promised you a rose garden : )